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Sexual Violence
If anyone, even someone you know, forces or coerces or manipulates you into sexual activity, it is wrong, and against the law.

Sexual Assault
Sexual assault is any sexual contact or intercourse without consent.  Consent cannot be given when a person is underage, asleep, intoxicated, or unconscious.

Child Sexual Assault/Abuse
No person under the age of 18 can consent to sexual intercourse.  No person under the age of 16 can consent to sexual contact.  Child Sexual Assault/Abuse includes touching, exhibitionism, exploitation, pornography, and/or intercourse.

Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment is any unwanted attention that is sexual in nature.  This includes physical gestures and verbal comments.  Sexual harassment can be carried out by anyone, including peers, acquaintances, co-workers, coaches, and/or supervisors.

Did you know?   

In  2009, there were 4,633 sexual assaults reported to law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin. 

Juveniles are nearly three times more likely than adults to be the victims of sexual assault, with juveniles under 15 representing over two-thirds of all victims.

Sexual assault victims are most likely to be assaulted by someone they know.

No weapons are used in over 95% of all sexual assaults.

The vast majority of sexual assault victims sustain no physical injuries.

In 2009, 16% of sexual assault victims were male, and 84% were female.

In 2009, over two-thirds of sexual assault offenders were between the ages of 11 and 30 years old.

Most studies show only a 2-8% rate of false reporting of sexual assaults.

Sources: Sexual Assaults in Wisconsin, 2009, Office of Justice Assistance & False Reports: Moving Beyond the Issue to Successfully Investigate and Prosecute Non-stranger Sexual Assault, National Center for the Prosecution of Violence Against Women.
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